SIGNAL Dome is a mobile inflatable venue for events with 360° projection screen and capacity for 300 people.

It suits for any type of event such as concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, parties or other. There are no limits to your fantasy!


SIGNAL Dome can be constructed in any type of outdoor or indoor location for short or long-term periods.


The construction of SIGNAL Dome is inflatable and is held together only by the inner pressure. Thanks to that it is self-contained enough not to need any additional outside support which is not only unaesthetic but also might cause damages to the environment.


We only need 2 days to inflate the SIGNAL Dome and assemble the interior for your event.


The unique shape of SIGNAL Dome allows it to host a 360° screening providing an immersive experience for you and your clients.


Theprojections can be screened even during the daytime, thanks to special blackout cover.


Without the cover, the projection can be observed from the outside, which creates an unique experience during the night.

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